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16 Encounters (early draft)

 Digital Work
Identifier: pstsc_09028_3fb0dbb45d24b424b29a8d5386c490c5

34th Constitutional Convention, Washington, D.C.: opening session, January 28, 1936

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09377_ef4f04ade2dd5695cf913a38ecfbc9fb

43rd Consecutive Convention, Cincinnati, October 4-12, 1960

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09377_2de5b5558aba35d083ede9610e2257b7

77 Water Street, Office Building

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_00141_76e7451dbcccf77edf57c871c0e55e5a

77 Water Street Office Building

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_00141_f382f634b0f27b7b447ebb252275bd87

[...] - 155 en action, negative number 132

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09531_dea651aa8aa88995de3975349a907e24

[...] 607 - Poste [...], negative number 53A

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09531_a2872b1776ee0423df44886ea5c7054a

1964 reflections

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09746_080d68566ed2f3e8db82d91d9aa9686e

100,000 more

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09746_aa710d1263fd4042ed0613f8d58eb624

A Cavalry Charge

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09529_38d43dccb733430701df746f420b8053

A Christmas Dinner

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09529_86253c9dc4b3208a3858f3faf64bd9ce

A. J. Thompson Civil War diary

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_01811_71de6db70acb06aec64ac38f7aee5300

A Night March

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09529_4f7c6512ea0461de885afbeb05c16516

[...] abattu, negative number 29A

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09531_9d3f68f28e4d9d7fb58db6d5ff278062

Abstracts of Materials

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_01802_640a54d8a0e415e94a1b9c0142885440

Addresses, Lectures, and Articles by T. R. Johns, 1925-1940

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_01616_b294e68f74c61e150b4f61d2bc459982

Afterward: The Third Year (draft)

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09028_6a53bb94d434168142f7866156f4dc2e

Ailly sur Noye - Vaguemestre (Military postman), negative number 100

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09531_f23214fc42c91878a48126ef55e72530

Aisne - Blessés Allemands, negative number 81

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09531_0d5f9b0a936978ae1911e4113692a422

Aisne - Infanterie en réserve, negative number 130

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_09531_ebca37a9aa48fd42a3d2c746eb4b3ce7

Allan, Virginia oral history interview, 1998-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: pstsc_00001_78366251e5e8e407c444ce23e4e2d12c

Allegheny Mountain Health Institute (stereograph number 2)

 Digital Record
Identifier: pstsc_01696_a952a4e6b8e3af05cced20c0a374731e